Compare Visual Assist to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Improve every Microsoft IDE you have with the multitude of features that comprise Visual Assist. Almost all of the features in Visual Assist are additions to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, and all features are additions or improvements to older IDEs.

native to Visual Studio 2015
improved with Visual Assist
addition with Visual Assist
Feature Visual Studio 2015 Visual Studio 2015
plus Visual Assist
Find by Context    
Find References faster, searchable and clone-able results
Find Symbol in Solution    
Goto Implementation jump from comments and files outside projects
Goto Member    
Goto Related base methods, base classes, derived classes  
Highlight Current Line highlight is distinct from text
List Methods in File    
Move Scope next method in file  
Navigate Back and Forward ignore superfluous waypoints
Open Corresponding File switch to files not in project and in more places
Open File in Solution search using substrings and filters  
Change Signature change implementation and call sites  
Encapsulate Field    
Extract Method extract free functions as well as methods
Introduce Variable    
Move Implementation to Header File    
Move Implementation to Source File    
Move Method Implementations to Source File move in bulk  
Move Selection to New File auto-include headers  
Rename faster, allows swap of type
Rename Files updates project files  
Code Generation
Add Member    
Add Missing Case Statements    
Add Similar Member    
Add Using Directive addition in older IDEs
Add #include    
Add/Remove Braces    
Create Declaration from an implementation  
Create File updates project files  
Create from Usage    
Create Implementation from a declaration  
Create Method Implementations create in bulk  
Document Method    
Implement Interface / Virtual Methods implement in bulk  
Coding Assistance
Acronyms type “gmv” in lieu of “getMyVar”  
Auto-Extend Multi-Line Comments    
Enhanced Listboxes coloring, filtering toolbar, non-inherited first
Format After Paste    
Insert () and Closing } ) ] ' " addition to older IDEs
Insert _ After m and Shift    
Multiple Clipboards available in a drop-down, not clipboard ring
Reset Editor Zoom    
Shorthand type “getvar” in lieu of “getMyVar”  
Smart Select extend and shrink selections by logical increments  
Smart Suggestions completion lists based on context as you type  
Sort Selected Lines    
Suggestion Lists completion lists as you type  
Surround Selection quick wrap with //, /*, (, {  
Surround With quick wrap with custom text, e.g. #ifdef DEBUG  
Code Understanding
Column Indicator    
Enhanced Syntax Coloring color classes, variables, macros, methods
Local Symbols in Bold    
Highlight Find Results retain highlights when editing
Highlight Matching Words in comments and strings  
Highlight References to Symbol Under Cursor differentiate read from write references
Parameter Info info is more accurate and appears more often
Print in Color    
Quick Info info for constructs as well as variables
Stable Symbols in Italics differentiate 3rd-party references not overridden  
Debug Assistance
Address Resolver decipher text-only call stacks  
PDB Explorer find symbols in EXEs and DLLs  
VA Memory View debug crash dumps that have corrupted call stacks  
VA Step Filter automatically step over trusted methods in argument lists  
Tool Windows
VA Hashtags define bookmarks and tasks, e.g. #TODO, #BUG  
VA Outline drag-and-drop to reorder current file  
VA View access popular tools in one window  
Code Snippets
VA Snippets superior functionality, integrated editor
Code Correction
Convert Dot to ->    
Highlight Files in Output Window distinguish warnings and errors for the current project  
Highlight Matching {} and () highlight when in scope, not only when on a token
Highlight Mismatching {} and () highlight using color, not squiggle
Repair Case type “getmyvar” in lieu of “getMyVar”  
Underline Spelling Errors in comments and strings  
Underline Unknown Symbols new/improved feature in older IDEs