Welcome to the support hub for Visual Assist.

Every license of Visual Assist and renewal of software maintenance includes one year of technical support. If your software maintenance is current, or you are in trial mode, contact us via website, forums, or email to obtain technical support or report a bug.

If your software maintenance has expired, please post to our community forums to obtain support or report a bug. We actively monitor our forums but provide support at our discretion.

Check the first line of your activation key to determine the expiration date of your software maintenance. Get the date from either:

  • VAssistX | Help | About Visual Assist
  • The email with your newest activation key

Lost Activation Key

If you need your activation key, contact us via website or email whether or not your software maintenance is current.

Contact Support

Assistance if you are evaluating Visual Assist, need your activation key, or are covered by software maintenance.

Community Forums

Technical support from knowledgable users, including our staff.

Knowledge Base

Answers to common questions and problems.

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